Worst Foods For Building Muscle

Some foods are well known for being terrible as muscle building, but other less obvious foods are often overlooked. Many people imagine that building muscle is all about calorie intake, but get it wrong and you’ll put on fat as well as muscle.

This is an obvious one, although when people are bulking they think they can eat whatever they want. This isn’t true, the fact is you get sugar and saturated fats with barely any nutritional value, this way you’ll put on more fat than muscle, meaning you’ll have to bulk for longer to get the muscle you want and cut for longer to lose the extra fat. There’s also the fact that junk food is a poor fuel for the gym, you need as much energy as possible to get maximum gains. Getting big on junk food is possible, but much harder.

This is a rare one, porridge is a great source or carbs, protein and fibre. The problem is cooked porridge is so filling, try it wihout cooking it. Try raw milk, muesli, oats and then some oat-bran or flaxseed on top for extra protein.

Commercial protein bars are stacked with sugar and other preservatives that will again add layers to your stomach rather than your muscles, a big problem with junk sugar and preservatives etc is that they can inflame your gut, this makes nutrient absorbtion harder and directly reduces the strength in your core muscles. You don’t want this before or after you go to the gym. Try making your own protein bars.

This isn’t the worst, as you’ll get all the key nutrients from the juice and absorb it easily. Better though is to have smoothies (try cracking an egg into it too you wont notice) or eat whole fruits to get the fibre.

Be very careful picking out your weight gainer shake, your best off making your own to avoid the unwanted sugar and preservative content. Weight gainer will add pounds to your stomach not your muscles.

Don’t skip the best bit, egg yolks are full of healthy fats and cholesterol. Cholesterol is vital for producing hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. Don’t worry your blood cholesterol shouldn’t go up if you’re not eating excessive unhealthy fats.

Sweets are probably worse for promoting fat gain, but stay away from both of these processed foods, consider making healthy chocolate fudge instead.

Now don’t avoid vegetables, instead try to have more fruit than vegetables, still include lots of vegetables in your diet but don’t completely fill up on vegetable soup. Eat vegtables whole and the chances are you’re could get more vegetables in your diet anyway.