Top 6 Beginner Weightlifting Mistakes

If you’re unsure how you’re going to build lean muscle, here are the top beginner mistakes in weightlifting and nutrition. Each mistake you correct can multiply your results.

Not lifting the right weights (usually too light), you want to get to the rep number you’ve set yourself and you shouldn’t be able to do a single rep more with good form.

Putting building muscle before structural integrity is the worst beginner weightlifting mistake , you might build muscle but you can also screw up your tight muscles or bad back, knee, neck etc even more. Depending on how old you are, integrate stretching or maybe yoga into your warm up and days off and the most inflexible people need to spend 1-4 weeks stretching or in yoga before trying to build muscle.

Using bad form/technique, even if you’re strong enough for the weight you might be putting pressure through the wrong joints, muscles or tendons for a certain exercise. Make sure you either film yourself or get a trusted spotter to let you know you’re lifting correctly. As you lift more weight this becomes much more important so get it right now. This is most important for deadlifts and squats.

Not eating the right foods, you don’t need to starve yourself when you start going to the gym between 2-6 days a week, eat nutrient dense foods, stay away from processed foods (they usually have low nutrient density anyway).

Going too hard in the first 1-5 sessions It’s a great way to get too sore and too hurt to train for the next couple of days and gives you a good excuse to break the good habit you just started. This also goes for advanced lifters getting in the gym after a long break.

Not using enough compound exercises, if you use too many isolation exercises you can get an out of proportion body, instead do deadlifts, squats and ideally pullups and/or dips when you get started (click for your first pullup and dip) these exercises build good posture and tire you out enough to burn fat.

Have a quick overview of your routine and implement these techniques, you’ll reduce the time it takes to build the muscle you want. Muscle takes time to build, but you’ll instantly feel good once you start your gym programm.