Muscle Types, Bulk Vs Toned Vs Lean Muscle?

So you want to build (insert muscle type here) muscle. If you’re just guessing and have never researched muscle building you probably have no clue what exercises will build lean muscle and what exercises would build “bulky muscle”. I’ll give you a tip though, light weights don’t tone you up and really heavy weights don’t […]

How To Build Huge Leg Muscle

If you’re struggling to get the leg size and definition you want, you might need a brutal leg training programme with the perfect diet. When training legs, you will want to come out of the gym barely able to walk upstairs, if a conventional leg programme isn’t working for you, there’s a small possiblilty you’re overtraining, […]

Top 6 Beginner Weightlifting Mistakes

If you’re unsure how you’re going to build lean muscle, here are the top beginner mistakes in weightlifting and nutrition. Each mistake you correct can multiply your results. Not lifting the right weights (usually too light), you want to get to the rep number you’ve set yourself and you shouldn’t be able to do a single rep […]

Walking, Burning Fat or Just A Wasted Effort?

I don’t think of walking as an exercise in itself, instead I think it’s a supplement to whatever lifestyle you’re living, but it definitely beats any diet pill or 2 minute workout. I think walking is massively beneficial even to professional bodybuilders. #1 Benefit, Walking is an easy habit to get into: Walking is such […]

Benefits of Using a Home Gym

If you’re wondering whether or not to build a home gym, this post is for you. There’re a few different levels you can have for a home gym. you can go full out and buy machines, squat racks and all the free weights you could need to build muscle. You can just buy the necessities, […]

Choosing The Right Gym For You

If you’ve decided you want to get a gym membership and start a gym routine, you’ll want to read this before you spend your money. Gym memberships can range from £10-£150+ a month. 1) Location Location is much more impotant than price, if you work away from home you might want to consider spending more […]

Signs You Need to Lift Less Weight

There’s definitely a fine line between pushing yourself and lying to yourself, by reading this post you’ll be able to maximise your results and avoid injuries wherever possible. Lifting too much weight is more common in men but it can happen to anyone, I find I try to lift too much weight when I go […]

Worst Foods For Building Muscle

Some foods are well known for being terrible as muscle building, but other less obvious foods are often overlooked. Many people imagine that building muscle is all about calorie intake, but get it wrong and you’ll put on fat as well as muscle. This is an obvious one, although when people are bulking they think […]

How To Do More Push Ups

Doing push ups is one of the first things people think about to get in shape. They’re not wrong but if you really want to get in shape consider an all round home gym muscle building workout. But this post is going to be dedicated to push ups, how to do them right, how to […]